About the Awards

The Credit & Collections Technology Awards were launched in 2017 with the aim to reward technological innovation within the industry.

The Awards highlight the success of companies and individuals who lead the way in enhancing credit and collections technology.

Now in its seventh year, the 2023 ceremony will celebrate the best in lending and collections innovations.

All of the awards are on an entry basis whereby companies have the opportunity to nominate themselves or enter within a partnership.

For software providers, the Awards are a valuable recognition of company’s products and services. For credit and collections companies the awards is an opportunity to view future innovation, assess solutions, focus on customer experience and examine whether specific technology can enhance industry best practice.

The Awards provide a focus on technology at a time when credit and collections companies face business pressure in the form of continued regulatory scrutiny. The Awards examine different types of technology solutions which are helping companies enhance business strategy. Technology can help enhance reputation, strengthen performance, enable growth and create trust to enable better processes.

There is no fee to enter the Awards.

The Awards prides itself on the transparent judging process which allows all entrants to request an Insight Performance report.

For more information on the Insight reports and a glimpse into how the fantastic 2021 ceremony evening is taking shape, make contact by clicking here.

What the Judges say:

 “The Awards are unique in their focus on technology, they are setting standards for the future. The range and quality of the entries is a celebration of the diversity, innovation and professionalism of the credit industry.” Russell Hamblin-Boone

“There were some phenomenal entries in last year’s awards, the awards a real testament to the ongoing investment and intellect that is going into making the UK credit sector more robust.” Kathy Cox

“I have been amazed at the innovative and exciting products and services being developed and delivered in credit and collections. The dominant theme for me was the value which entrants place on putting customers first and creating access to truly affordable services, which show understanding of the real lives and challenges of customers.” Fiona Macaskill

“There were many excellent entries in the awards showing that technology innovation is alive and well in the credit industry.” Aleks Tomczyk

“This was an exciting and exceptionally interesting awards to judge with a range of diverse and innovative submissions demonstrating the fast pace of change and growth of technology within the credit and collections industry.”  Victoria Drummond

“I was impressed and delighted by the quality of entries. In particular the innovation in using newly available data sources and the awareness of customer impacts at both individual and macro levels. It has been a genuine pleasure to be one of this years judging panel.” Eleanor Demuth

“I have been extremely impressed with the entries of this year’s awards and the number of new innovative solutions coming to the market. With my focus being on fraud and financial crime it is vital that we stay one step ahead so it is critical that we continue to innovate. Judging by the quality of entrants and the new and exciting solutions available, I believe the future of the UK credit and collections sector looks extremely bright.” Lee D’Arcy

“This year the quality of the submissions and innovations has improved yet again with an excellent focus on vulnerability and its early detection, improving contact ability and the drive to improve all areas of the credit  lifecycle. Bryan Coverdale

“I thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with credit and collection technology awards, we all know technology is at a new high in our service and it is fantastic to see how businesses are embracing and some excelling to an unbelievable level.”  Brendan Clarkson