Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enter the awards?

Entry is free. By entering your company will have the chance to be shortlisted. If shortlisted your company will benefit from FREE news PR and social media coverage on Twitter and Linkedin.

How long will it take to enter?

The entry format has been designed so that submitting an entry is quick, easy and straightforward. Essentially most entries follow a case study format with a 500-word limit. Download the entry form to get a full understanding of the time required as each category is different. Companies can adapt in-house case studies as entries and also potentially enter with partners.

What is the format for the Awards?

At the first stage, entries are submitted and then reviewed by the judges. The shortlisted entries are then announced.

How are the entries judged?

A distinguished independent panel of experts will rate and rank entrants on how they perform against the Awards entry criteria. The winner is decided by the average ranking performance and average ratings out of ten. Credit Connect does not Judge the Awards. Credit Connect collects the Judge’s feedback and offers Award’s Insight reports post-event to Finalists and Winners so that you measure performance and improve future technology and entries for this Awards. For more information on the unique insight report contact Credit Connect for more information.

Who can enter?

The awards are open to anyone company providing services for the United Kingdom (UK).

Entries can be completed by companies themselves or can enter with a Partner (e.g Credit Reference Agency and Creditor). If you are entering in partnership, please make sure they are the other partner is happy for you both to enter and mention their name in shortlists.

How do I enter?

Go to the Awards categories list and click on your favoured category. Download the entry form. Complete  the entry form and return within the set deadline.

What period do these awards relate to?

Unless otherwise stated in the specific subject criteria, the judges will be looking for outstanding examples of technological excellence over the past year.

Are collaborative entries accepted?

Yes. They are encouraged. If your entry relates to an initiative or project carried out in collaboration with another company then please include both company names.

If there is no lead company, to avoid multiple entries for the same project, please agree who will make the submission on behalf of the group and outline this clearly on the form.

Can a sponsor enter the Awards?

Yes. The awards have been designed to be transparent, so if a sponsor wins then they will deserve it. Individual companies can potentially request a performance report in any category. A snapshot of the entry reports can be seen in the Awards review. Click here to read the review. In addition, Credit Connect as the event organisers does not sit on the Judging panel.

Can my company enter more than one product or service in one category?

Yes, but it is always best to adhere and align the entry details to the criteria set, to give your company the best chance of winning. The most entries a company can enter in a category is three this can take the form of a different product offering or a different partnership entry.

When does the 2021 process open for entries?

The 2021 Awards will open for entries on Thursday 28th January 2021.

How will I know that my entry has been received?

Once you have submitted your entry you will receive an email confirming entry.  If you do not receive your confirmation email, please contact:

When is the closing date for entries?

The official 2020 entry deadline for entry form downloads is Thursday 8th July at 5pm.

Unofficially there will be then one additional week for online-only downloads which will close on Thursday 15th July at 5pm.

Can I get feedback on my entry?

Yes, unlike other Awards in this industry, Credit Connect can offer transparency to finalists and winners with unique Awards Insight reports for each entry (individual reports include an administrative cost). Contact the Awards team for more information.

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame showcases winners and finalists.  The 2019 Credit & Collections Awards Review guide can be viewed here.

Apart from industry recognition what else will the winner and finalists receive?

Winning companies will receive a trophy if there is a face to face ceremony. If the event is online then winners will receive an official low-res Winners logo. Finalists and Winners can also request a certificate of recognition. Finalists and Award winners can also acquire a high-res Winners Awards logo and other Awards collateral which can help enhance and raise awareness of your technology and innovation. PR and marketing are also included for FREE. Extensive PR and social media coverage are also included. Companies will also be listed in the Hall of Fame section on the website and make even gain recognition as a Premier Power Top 2o company. More details are available on request.

Contact: for further details.

When are the winners announced?

The 2021 winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on Thursday 4th November.

There is no obligation for shortlisted companies to attend, winners will are also announced online through the Credit Connect website and on LinkedIn and Twitter. There are many benefits to gain from attending. Contact Credit Connect for more information.

Is there an awards ceremony?

Yes.  This year’s event will be provisionally held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on Thursday 4h November. A Plan B is to run the Awards as an online presentation.

If you are interested in attending the Awards or understanding more about sponsorship networking benefits then please register your interest by emailing:

The Awards winners will be published online, further previews, reviews and updates have been announced on Twitter and Linkedin if your company is unable to attend.

How much does it cost to attend the Awards?

The price to attend the Awards ceremony is priced at early bird rate of £299+VAT per seat for bookings received before April 2021. Our team can seek preferential rates from local hotels as part of the early bird package

Prices will be £350+VAT thereafter.

If you are interested in reserving at an early-bird special rate then email: to request further details.

Is there an awards ceremony?

Yes.  The date for the 2021 event will be provisionally Thursday 4th November 2021 as a face to face ceremony. If the pandemic prevents another face to face event then there will be an online ceremony.

If you are interested in attending the Awards or understanding more about sponsorship then please register your interest by emailing:

The Awards winners have been published online, further previews, reviews and updates have been announced on Twitter and Linkedin if your company was unable to attend.

What are my chances of winning?

You need to be in it to win it! Unlike other Awards in this sector, there is no obligation to attend the Awards presentation and you will not be hounded into attending an event if your company is shortlisted! So download and complete your entry form today and increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

Aren’t there too many industry Awards already?

Yes, there is, there are far too many! Lots of industry Awards cross over and generate multiple winners for similar categories. However, this is the only Awards in the sector whose sole purpose is to focus on excellence in technology which enhances best customer outcomes. The Awards are focused on producing transparent results so you can be assured that your efforts in entry are not wasted. Contact the Credit Connect team to understand how your company can measure your Awards performance.

What makes these Awards different?

The Credit & Collections Awards is the only industry awards focused on innovation and technology. In addition, the Awards process places emphasis on demonstrating the best customer outcome. The Awards is focused on providing a transparent outcome by using a unique Judging system. Company entrants can receive a bespoke report on how their entry performed and can use the report to enhance the technology offering or to review entry content (see our Awards report review for an example of the content). The Judging panel contains a vast range of experience across multiple sectors helping to provide true oversight when deciding the results.

Which company facilitates the Awards?

The Credit & Collections Technology Awards is owned and facilitated by Credit Connect Media.

In previous years the Credit Services Association has hosted the annual awards within their annual gala dinner as part of the UKCCC. The 2021 Awards will take place on19th November in Manchester and will not be part of UKCCC. There are plans to run a Collections and Lending Technology Think Tank events in the day. If you are interested in finding out more information on the Think Tank then please call 01622 437014 or email:

Will the entry content and results be shared in the public domain?
As part of the entry for each award, it is recommended that you mention the clients you work with as that will help demonstrate the results. The entry content is only shared with the Judges. Judges indicate a conflict of interest before reviewing the entries. All Judges review the entries on a non-disclosure basis.
The entry content is not shared in the public domain.
The entry winner is announced for each category at our annual awards ceremony.  Details relating to individual company placements within each category can be shared through Awards Company Insight Reports. The reports and its content is shared on request with individual companies and not publically.
What will happen if the event needs to be cancelled?

At this stage, the event will happen on Thursday 4th November. There is a Plan B to announce the winners via live webinar on the same date if required.

If for any reason the event needs to be postponed then announcements will be made as soon as possible. If tickets have been booked then all bookings payments will be transferred to future awards or Credit Connect event.

Credit Connect Media is continuing to monitor and assess the potential impact of a pandemic on its events. At the time of writing, the events will take place as planned unless the UK Government and the World Health Organisation advice changes. Ensuring the safety of all attendees of our events is our top priority. Things are in a never-before-seen state of flux, but the current intention is to run the Awards ceremony in November.  Of course, this may be subject to further change, but rest assured any bookings will be carried over to any new date even this is in 2022. Bookings can also be transferred to colleagues if required.

Provisional plans have been made if there is a need to re-schedule. More details on this can be confirmed by calling 01622 437014 or emailing: