About the Awards

The Credit & Collections Technology Awards were launched in 2017 with the aim to reward technological innovation within the industry. The Awards highlight the success of companies and individuals who have lead the way in enhancing credit and collections technology.

For software providers, the Awards is a valuable recognition of company’s products and services. For credit and collections companies the awards is an opportunity to view future innovation, assess solutions, focus on customer experience and examine whether specific technology can enhance industry best practice.

The Awards provide a focus on technology at a time when credit and collections companies face business pressure in the form continued regulatory scrutiny. The Awards examine different types of technology solutions which are helping companies enhance business strategy. Technology can help enhance reputation, strengthen performance, enable growth and create trust to enable better processes.

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What the Judges say:

 “The Awards are unique in their focus on technology, they are setting standards for the future. The range and quality of the entries is a celebration of the diversity, innovation and professionalism of the credit industry.” – Russell Hamblin-Boone

 “It was a privilege and very exciting to be able to read and judge so many great ideas and innovations. The quality of the submissions plus the variety of entrants made it difficult to judge but makes the winners in 2017 even more worthy.” – Bryan Coverdale 

The entries for the Awards have presented a vast number of initiatives. It was a true pleasure to be part of the judging panel of the Credit & Collections Technology awards. I was deeply impressed with the quality of work, vision, ingenuity and innovation of both companies and individuals working in our industry. It was great to see new and improved solutions to maximise and optimise commercial opportunities, business efficiencies and bottom line revenues whilst at the same time protecting both end-customers and organisations.

Congratulations to all participants as well as to Credit-Connect. Keep inspiring!” –  Marco Silva