The 2019 Credit & Collections Technology Power List


The Company Power list is a guide to the most innovative credit and collections technological companies. The list is based upon the results* from the Credit & Collections Technology Awards reviewed by the Judges in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Points were allocated based up winning and shortlisting for awards. Additional points are added based upon partnership wins, partnership shortlisting and Innovation star award wins. Read on to review the profiles of the Top 20 “Premier” credit and collections technology companies.

Details on official company positions are available on request.

The 2019 Power List guide and 2019 Awards review can viewed by clicking here.

Here are the Top 20 performers. The ‘Premier’ Power Companies for 2019:

(Companes are listed in A-Z order):

Credit Kudos is an FCA-authorised credit bureau and open banking account information service provider (AISP) that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness. Credit Kudos won the Data & Analytics category in 2017 and returned to win the Machine Learning in Credit & Collections title in 2019.

Divido is a global white-label consumer lending platform that connects lenders and retailers through one integration. Divido won the Finance Lending Solution category in 2017 and 2018.

Elanev® is giving your competitors a distinct advantage. Our AI is increasing their performance; we don’t charge unless it does. Our unique data and scoring gives them a greater understanding of their customers’ financial situation, reduces their conduct risk and increases their right customer contacts. All without sharing personal identifiable customer data. Customer Identification & Screening solution in 2017 and 2018

Esendex delivers effective communication strategies to immediately scale up debt collection, using a combination of messaging channels and automation tools. Esendex won the 2017 Collections solution in partnership with npower and highlighted expertise in a number of categories with Link Financial in 2019

Experian unlocks the power of data to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society.  A winner in 2017 in the Credit Reference and Information category, Experian also highlighted a partnership ieDigital in the business transformation category this year.

GBG is an identity data intelligence company providing a wide breadth of customer on-boarding and decision solutions. A triple winner of the Anti-Fraud category. GBG’s have demonstrated consisted of innovation winning an innovation star award in 2019.

ieDigital provides financial service organisations with the ability to transform their digital customer experience. Whether you’re a credit and collections company, a bank or a motor finance provider, we have digital solutions and expertise that will enable you to quickly deliver customised solutions to market.

For the collections industry in particular, we believe a digital-first approach to debt collections is a major step in treating customers fairly, and handling vulnerable customers with respect. According to research, most people prefer to conduct their financial affairs online, and a digital-first approach promises a wealth of opportunities for enabling companies to connect with their customers and build trust.

It’s about embracing change and transformation in an exciting era of customer engagement, to offer non-confrontational debt management software services, so customers can manage their own debt in a more collaborative way.

Telephone: 0208 6146019


ieDigital have been consistent finalists in a number of categories demonstrating partnerships with a number of high profile partners including Santander Consumer Finance.

Delivering best-in-class analytics to drive profitability and achieve regulatory compliance.

Backed by a team of 70+ risk and data science specialists, Jaywing has over 20 years’ experience in credit and fraud risk analytics, data management and regulation. Our industry-leading expertise and trusted partner way of working means we have held many long-standing (10 years +), large-scale relationships with some of the UK’s leading financial services names.

We have supported over twenty-five lenders in the UK with risk modelling and analysis including Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationwide, Secure Trust Bank, Shawbrook Bank, Paragon Bank and Coventry, Skipton, West Bromwich, Newcastle and Nottingham Building Societies. In addition to supplying AI risk technology, such as a multi-award winning modelling tool (Archetype), our experts offer specialist AI consultation for lenders looking to embed AI into their organisation.  

For support with your credit and fraud risk projects, get in touch.

Telephone: 0333 370 6600


Jaywing won the Technology Team of the year in 2018, this was eclipsed in 2019 with wins in Innovation in Credit and Artificial Intelligence in Credit and Collections categories.

LendingMetrics is a multi-award-winning financial technology and data specialist, based in the United Kingdom and Australia. It leads the way in automated creditworthiness decision technology and is now one of the most recognised technology brands in the sector.

In 2016, following many years of R&D, the company launched ADP (Auto Decision Platform) revolutionising the opportunity for the FinTech sector (including lenders, insurers and banks) to quickly deliver increased lending volume, a better customer experience and reduced overheads using automated lending decisions. ADP utilises proprietary data solutions and is also openly connected to all major CRAs, plus many other 3rd parties including Open Banking platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

ADP is a powerful decision engine builder that puts the lender in control of credit rule changes while allowing operational or credit risk staff to control changes in realtime through a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. The platform is completely data agnostic and its features facilitate, amongst other things:

• Risk-based pricing

• Real-time and robust affordability and suitability assessments

• Multiple concurrent champion/challenge strategies

• Autonomous retro analysis of historic loan books

Additionally, LendingMetrics is a credit reference agency and AISP Open Banking provider, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and ISO certified (9001 and 27001). It can therefore securely deliver real-time bank statement data as well as market leading price points and delivery mechanisms for major CRA data.

Its technology and data infrastructure and “blue-chip” partnership eco-system focuses on the delivery of affordability, suitability and predictive creditworthiness solutions to the entire financial sector that are robust, scalable and secure. LendingMetrics accommodates companies of all shapes and sizes, from the smaller independent through to some of the well-known banks.

All of this is delivered by our skilled and dedicated team, backed up by robust contractual speed and availability SLAs.

Telephone: 02394 211010


Lending Metrics completed a hat-trick of wins in the credit risk category this year and is making great strides with its open banking initiatives. The company has demonstrated consistent innovation winning an innovation star award in 2019.

Modulr is the Payments as a Service API platform built for digital businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money.  Modulr won the Innovation in Payments category in 2019 and demonstrated entry partnerships with Liberis in 2018

MotoNovo is one of the UK’s fastest-growing motor finance companies, helping thousands of people find and fund their dream vehicle. MotoNovo also powers an innovative car-buying platform.MotoNovo Finance was the winner of the Innovation in Credit in 2017 and also won the Finance Lending Solution category in 2019.

Paylink Solutions delivers digital data collection solutions, which can lower running costs, save time and increase customer engagement. The ISO 27001 certified business has grown from providing in-house systems for the Totemic Group, to delivering secure and reliable on-boarding and collections solutions across the mortgage, collections and lending industries. 

Paylink’s software was originally developed for sister company PayPlan and is now used by several major high street banks, building societies, debt management companies and mortgage brokers to assist thousands of customers every day.



Paylink Solutions won the Innovation in Collections & Recoveries award with RBS in 2018. The company was also a finalist in the 2019 awards.

Phillips & Cohen Associates are specialists in deceased account management, providing compliant & compassionate recoveries to the globe’s largest creditors. Winners of Call Centre solution in 2017 (with Callminer). Phillips & Cohen have been a consistent finalist in  the Awards.

Restons Solicitors is a technology-enabled legal services provider working in partnership with our clients to excel in customer-focused collections. Double winner in the 2019 awards for the Data & Analytics solution and the Legal software solution

SmartSearch is a unique Anti-money laundering platform incorporating fully automated Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening, along with Daily Monitoring. Winner of the Compliance & Regulatory Technology solution in 2018 and 2019.

TotallyMoney is on a mission to improve the UK’s credit score, with their free credit report at the heart of this. Winner of the Credit Reference & Information solution in 2018 and 2019.

TransUnion is a global information and insights provider supporting businesses and consumers, and one of the UK’s leading credit reference agencies. Winner of the Affordability Assessment award with Let Alliance in 2019. TransUnion were also strong finalists with Severn Trent.

Webio’s AI-Driven Conversational Messaging Platform Blends Chatbots and Agents to Connect, Engage and Collect Customer Payments in any channel. Four awards wins in three years across the Customer Engagement and Innovation in Collections & Recoveries categories

Zoot are a specialist provider of advanced origination, merchant on-boarding, payments, asset finance, data hub, and decision management solutions. For over 29 years, its customer-centric tools and services have enabled Zoot’s clients to add value and differentiation, while providing nimble, scalable solutions to specific business objectives.

A leader in the fintech industry, Zoot’s secure processing environment delivers millisecond real time decisions accessing hundreds of cutting edge data sources to help reduce risk and increase conversions. Zoot’s game-changing service gives our clients full control over their process and includes a test-driven development environment that allows our clients to implement new lending models in minutes, add new data providers, debug in real-time, have improved visibility into the application flow and full ownership of the data model.

Zoot’s clients are supported by an award winning team and our international client base includes some of the largest and most nimble financial institutions, asset finance companies, retailers and payment providers.

Telephone: 07887409529


Zoot won the Data & Analytics and Credit Underwriting categories in 2018 and have been shortlisted in a number of categories.

Companies placed 21-50 (listed in A-Z order):
Acquired, Arctick, Arvato Financial Solutions, Ascent Performance Group, Bean, BONAFiDEE, BrightHouse, Bristow & Sutor, Callminer, CCS, CoCredo, Communisis Data Intelligence, CreditLadder, Credit Resource Solutions, Equiniti Credit Services, Gala Technology, IE Hub, Illion Digital Technologies, Katabat, Let Alliance, Liberis, Lightico, Lloyds Banking Group Financial Wellbeing, MaxContact, Npower, Opos, Paythru, Noble Systems, Phoenix Commercial, Policy in Practice.

Companies placed 51-150 (listed in A-Z order):
1st Stop Group, AccountScore, Admiral, Advantage Software Factory, Aire, Alyne, Anchor Computing Systems, Aglia UK, BCH Digital,, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Bottomline Technologies, British Gas, Castlight Financial, Cedar Rose, CGI, Copernicus, CreateFuture Studios, Credit Assist, Credit Style, DDI Software, Dealflo, Dealtrak, DebtCatcher, Debtsense, Destin Solutions, Duesday, Dun & Bradstreet, Eckoh, Eg Solutions (Verint), Elevate Credit International, Encompass,  Express Gifts, Fair for You, Fico, FinTrace, FIS, Flexys, Freedom Finance, G3 Remarketing, GAIN Credit, GDS Link, Go Car Credit, Graydon, HighRadius, Hooyu, Hostcomm, Hubsolv, Indigo Cloud, Intrum. JMAC Business Consulting, Lantern, Link Financial, Loomis, Lowell, Mogoplus, Motorpoint, N Brown Group, Nimbla, Nosco, PayPlan, PCI Pal, Proactis, Prodigy Finance, PurplePatch, Quanta Law, RADR, Redline Application Services, Rimilia, Royal Bank of Scotland, RRD, Samepage Group, Santander Bank Polska, Santander Consumer Finance, Satago, Severn Trent Water, Shawbrook Bank, Shop Direct, Short Term Finance, Sidetrade, Spotcap, Striata, Sword Apak, Syntec, Target Group, Teleproject, Telrock, The IDCo, The Zinc Group, Toyota Financial Services, TriLine GRC, TruNarrative, Tully, Ultracomms, Validis, VersaPay, Voicesage, Vulnerability Registration Service, Walker Morris, Welcom Digital, Worksmart.